Since childhood I was fond of solving mathematical problems - the more difficult, the more interesting. But a human is not able to do this as quickly as a computer. Therefore, back in school, I developed a calculator with my own mathematical formulas and applied it. At that time there was relatively low level of technologies penetration and computers not powerful enough for complex tasks that I liked. It was necessary to come up with own solutions to produce adequate results on weak equipment and resolve other technological problems – this is how inventorship developed as my feature.
At school when technologies started actively coming to our lives, I felt a deep interest in the IT field. More and more I was engaged in robotics and programming, actively participated in related contests from time to time winning first prizes. I really enjoyed learning something new in my field which is still the case. In the team I am happy to be involved in technical development of projects, namely, the development, testing and design of applications and other technological solutions. Together we have already gone quite a long way. But this is just the beginning!
Finance & Administration
Our life offers multiple opportunities for being involved into something special. Big and small options, they arise on the way – just don’t miss and try to realize. To move on, it is important to believe that your biggest contribution to this world is still ahead and I hope that mine will come from what we are doing in Chariot. I’m excited to add my experience, skills and vision to this young and talented team of dreamers that create the progress introducing awesome technological innovations. Future seems incredible even if you look at it just from the perspective of this project standalone!